Presentation Personalities: Four Styles of Presenters

PRESENTER PERSONALITY PROFILE: You will complete a Presenter Personality Style Assessment
DESCRIPTION: The concept of “different types presenters” is similar to “different types of learners” and “different types of leaders.” The goal of examining your primary Presenter Personality Style will enable you to leverage your natural strengths to create an authentic connection with your audiences, making you a more effective, credible and confident speaker.

  • PRESENTATION PERSONALITY PROFILE: You will complete a Presenter Personality Style Assessment to learn how you most naturally approach creating and delivering a presentation. From those results, you will learn strategies for leveraging your natural strengths as well as how to customize your messaging to all four types.
  • CONTENT STRATEGY: The “Communication Excellence Roadmap" is introduced as a tool and repeatable methodology to organize and deliver any content. You will start with the “destination,” and create a compelling presentation customized to the four styles to create a true connection and achieve the desired results.
  • DELIVERY SKILLS: In addition to learning the neuroscience of presence and delivery skills, you will learn how non-verbal communication is received through the lens of the four styles. You will learn strategies to adjust and refine your style based on your audience.
  • PRACTICE and VIDEO: One of the most critical elements of the process is practicing key concepts immediately. Video recording and playback are key to see yourself from the audience's perspective. You will receive feedback throughout the workshop from the facilitator, the attendees and from custom self-assessments.

LENGTH: One and Two-day programs

SIZE: 12 person max

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