Presentation Skills Training Programs

Presentation skills training enables and empowers individuals to wield the immense power of business communication. Through a highly interactive training format, participants raise their awareness and skills, acquire and bolster their "personality brand," and go to their next level in communicating in a way that is unique and authentic to them.

Communication Excellence

DESCRIPTION: This dynamic program goes beyond simple presentation skills and trains participants to use neuroscience to transform the message and the messenger to achieve strategic and practical benefits for the business.

  • CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: The “Communication Excellence Roadmap" is introduced as a tool and repeatable methodology to organize and deliver content.
  • DELIVERY SKILLSHow you deliver a message a key differentiator. Non-verbal communication plays an important role in conveying intended – and unintended – messages. Through experiential exercises you will learn the skill of presence and proven strategies for movement and connecting to create congruence between both your spoken and unspoken message.
  • SLIDES and VISUALS: Presentation slide decks are ubiquitous, yet rarely effective. As a graphic and instructional designer, I go beyond the mechanics of slide design to teach the tools and strategies needed to connect you, your audience, and your visual content.
  • PRACTICE and VIDEO: One of the most critical elements of the process is practicing key concepts immediately. Video recording and playback are key to see yourself from the audience's perspective. You will receive feedback throughout the workshop from the facilitator, the attendees and from custom self-assessments.

LENGTH: 1 and 2 day programs

SIZE: 12 person max

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