Targeted Selection® DDI                                                                                                              

According to Harvard Business Review, up to 50% of all executive hires, end in firing or resignation. Why? The publication suggests, success today depends increasingly on intangible competencies–like teamwork and cross-cultural literacy–rarely found on resumes, and hard to uncover in interview. Ineffective interviewing can be catastrophic. Targeted Selection® helps you identify, hire, and promote the right people.

DESCRIPTION: Whether you’re an experienced or novice interviewer, you will benefit from these techniques and will be able to use them to reduce risk in your next interview. This program will teach you the Targeted Selection Interviewing(TSI) methodology and show you how to build rapport with the candidate, question and probe to uncover behavioral evidence, and how to evaluate this evidence to make the selection decision.


  • Describe the behavior, competency-based interview model and how it fits into the overall hiring process.
  • Follow a step‐by‐step process for effective interviewing that build rapport with the candidate.
  • Identify questions to avoid and the importance of taking detailed notes.
  • Design behavioral interview questions based on job‐based competencies and using the S.T.A.R. method.
  • Refine your behavioral interview techniques and skills to uncover behavioral evidence.
  • Evaluate candidates to make fair, objective and valid selection decisions, while staying within legal boundaries.
  • Hire more effectively, saving your organization time and money.

 LENGTH: ½ and 1 day programs

SIZE: 20 person max

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